Date Palm Genome Sequencing Information

        In recent years date palm has been subjected to intensive genome sequencing studies. The date palm chloroplast genome was reported by Yang et al. 2010 with an approximate length of about 158,462 bp. The date palm chloroplast sequences were deposited in Genbank with Accession Number: "NC_013991".

        The mitochondrial genome was assembled by Fang et al. 2012 with an approximate length of about 715,001 bp. this sequence deposited in Genbank with Accession Number: :NC_016740". The first nuclear genome sequence of date palm was published by Al-Dous et al. 2011. It covered ~60% of the genome which represent ~380 Mb (25,059 genes) out of the 658Mb estimated genome size.

         They recognized more than 3.5 million polymorphic sites among the nine investigated varieties of date palm. All sequences were deposited in Genbank under Accession Number: "ACYX02000000". Also, Al-Mssallem et al. 2013 reported the second nuclear genome assembly which is about 605.4 Mb and covers 90% of the date palm genome.All sequences were deposited in Genbank with BioProject ID "PRJNA83433".

        Hazzouri et al. 2015 reported the whole genome re-sequencing of a collection of 62 date palm cultivars. The following table showing all 62 date palm cultivars genbank accession numbers.

Variety Country of origin Genbank SRA Accession
Deglet noor Algeria SRX1314895
Rhars Algeria SRX1284158
Thory Algeria SRX1284055
Hayany Egypt SRX1287988
Saidi Egypt SRX1284163
Samany Egypt SRX1287989
Zagloul Egypt SRX1287987
Kabkab red Iran SRX1293424
Mazafati Iran SRX1293400
Piavom Iran SRX1288282
Rabee Iran SRX1293237
Amir haj Iraq SRX1284162
Azraq Azraq Iraq SRX1304303
Barhee Iraq SRX1314669
Dajwani Iraq SRX1314971
Dayri Iraq SRX1314668
Ebrahimi Iraq SRX1304309
Ewent ayob Iraq SRX1305447
Halawy Iraq SRX1314890
Khadrawy Iraq SRX1299439
Khastawi Iraq SRX1301417
Khisab Iraq SRX1314891
Maktoumi Iraq SRX1314579
Silani Iraq SRX1305448
Sultana Iraq SRX1304073
Um al blaliz Iraq SRX1304067
Um al hamam Iraq SRX1304068
Zahidi Iraq SRX1301571
Abel Libya SRX1297662
Tagiat Libya SRX1295156
Aziza Morocco SRX1305458
Biddajaj Morocco SRX1305457
Fagous Morocco SRX1305450
Medjool Morocco SRX1305449
Braim Oman SRX1305495
Aseel Pakistan SRX1309038
Began Pakistan SRX1295183
Dedhi Pakistan SRX1308468
Faslee Pakistan SRX1314571
Karbali Pakistan SRX1308460
Kashoowari Pakistan SRX1305497
Khasoy Pakistan SRX1311045
Kuproo Pakistan SRX1309156
Naquel khuh Pakistan SRX1305530
Ajwa Saudi Arabia SRX1312249
Chichi Saudi Arabia SRX1329671
Hilali Saudi Arabia SRX1311046
Khenezi Saudi Arabia SRX1311053
Nebeit seif Saudi Arabia SRX1311067
Rothan Saudi Arabia SRX1314567
Shagri Saudi Arabia SRX1317967
Jao Sudan SRX1314892
Alig Tunisia SRX1314893
Besser heloo Tunisia SRX1314894
Horra Tunisia SRX1314896
Abouman UAE SRX1314956
Dibbas UAE SRX1329672
Fard4 UAE SRX1314962
Helwa UAE SRX1314898
Hiri UAE SRX1314961
Lulu UAE SRX1314926
Nagal UAE SRX1314955