Functional Map by KEGG Pathway Analyses

       The Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway database is a useful tool for understanding genes biological functions and their molecular interactions. We integrated in this sub-database, our previous published 896 SSR primers that mapped onto 111 KEGG pathway, in order to make this data publicly available for scientists interested in functional map analysis in date palm.

DPMMD Primers Id: Pd_GSSR179    Pd_GSSR2492    Pd_GSSR2493    Pd_GSSR2494    Pd_GSSR2721    Pd_GSSR2722

KEGG mapping Id: map00010

DPMMD Primers Id: Pd_GSSR7704    Pd_GSSR26068    Pd_GSSR10431    Pd_GSSR10432    Pd_GSSR26936    Pd_GSSR26937

KEGG mapping Id: map00020

DPMMD Primers Id: Pd_GSSR1480    Pd_GSSR2573    Pd_GSSR5004    Pd_GSSR25112    Pd_GSSR17342    Pd_GSSR17349    Pd_GSSR17369

KEGG mapping Id: map00030

DPMMD Primers Id: Pd_GSSR1466    Pd_GSSR5400    Pd_GSSR5401    Pd_GSSR5402    Pd_GSSR5403

KEGG mapping Id: map00040

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR5322    Pd_GSSR14722    Pd_GSSR14723    Pd_GSSR14730    Pd_GSSR14731    Pd_GSSR28555    Pd_GSSR15651

KEGG mapping Id:map00051

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR7154    Pd_GSSR7279    Pd_GSSR13518    Pd_GSSR13521    Pd_GSSR28276

KEGG mapping Id:map00052

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR18083    Pd_GSSR18084    Pd_GSSR18086    Pd_GSSR29543    Pd_GSSR29544

KEGG mapping Id:map00053

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR6987    Pd_GSSR6993    Pd_GSSR6995    Pd_GSSR7000    Pd_GSSR1953    Pd_GSSR11747

KEGG mapping Id:map00061

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR2349    Pd_GSSR2362    Pd_GSSR2367    Pd_GSSR24217    Pd_GSSR7716

KEGG mapping Id:map00062

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR4933    Pd_GSSR12672    Pd_GSSR13927    Pd_GSSR28147    Pd_GSSR28148    Pd_GSSR15833

KEGG mapping Id:map00100

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR2120

KEGG mapping Id:map00140

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR10417    Pd_GSSR1548    Pd_GSSR14107    Pd_GSSR29913

KEGG mapping Id:map00190

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR133    Pd_GSSR541    Pd_GSSR542    Pd_GSSR543    Pd_GSSR7693    Pd_GSSR9407    Pd_GSSR11452    Pd_GSSR14391    Pd_GSSR14392    Pd_GSSR28288

KEGG mapping Id:map00230

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR2750    Pd_GSSR4923    Pd_GSSR4924    Pd_GSSR7409    Pd_GSSR25976

KEGG mapping Id:map00240

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR14893    Pd_GSSR19386    Pd_GSSR19390    Pd_GSSR19392    Pd_GSSR19403    Pd_GSSR30016    Pd_GSSR53

KEGG mapping Id:map00250

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR311    Pd_GSSR312    Pd_GSSR314    Pd_GSSR7807    Pd_GSSR26099    Pd_GSSR10396    Pd_GSSR10399    Pd_GSSR22142

KEGG mapping Id:map00260

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1957    Pd_GSSR1965    Pd_GSSR7075

KEGG mapping Id:map00261

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR200    Pd_GSSR23680    Pd_GSSR1698    Pd_GSSR16718    Pd_GSSR29102

KEGG mapping Id:map00270

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR12803    Pd_GSSR12804

KEGG mapping Id:map00281

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR13683    Pd_GSSR28054    Pd_GSSR2130    Pd_GSSR2136

KEGG mapping Id:map00290

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1023    Pd_GSSR1024    Pd_GSSR1028    Pd_GSSR1032    Pd_GSSR1033    Pd_GSSR1034

KEGG mapping Id:map00300

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR22465    Pd_GSSR7459

KEGG mapping Id:map00310

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR13106    Pd_GSSR13107    Pd_GSSR13108    Pd_GSSR19386    Pd_GSSR19390    Pd_GSSR19392    Pd_GSSR19403    Pd_GSSR30016

KEGG mapping Id:map00330

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR15773    Pd_GSSR15773    Pd_GSSR11878

KEGG mapping Id:map00340

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR9028    Pd_GSSR7216    Pd_GSSR15766    Pd_GSSR28745    Pd_GSSR28748    Pd_GSSR28749    Pd_GSSR16943    Pd_GSSR16944    Pd_GSSR29161    Pd_GSSR30991

KEGG mapping Id:map00400

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1558    Pd_GSSR1560    Pd_GSSR1561

KEGG mapping Id:map00430

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR20013

KEGG mapping Id:map00450

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR17337

KEGG mapping Id:map00460

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR2578    Pd_GSSR2579    Pd_GSSR1937    Pd_GSSR1938    Pd_GSSR1939    Pd_GSSR11609

KEGG mapping Id:map00480

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR235    Pd_GSSR236    Pd_GSSR237    Pd_GSSR23486    Pd_GSSR537    Pd_GSSR538    Pd_GSSR23598    Pd_GSSR630    Pd_GSSR842    Pd_GSSR1513    Pd_GSSR6974    Pd_GSSR7385    Pd_GSSR7474    Pd_GSSR10070    Pd_GSSR10445    Pd_GSSR14923    Pd_GSSR28470    Pd_GSSR15023    Pd_GSSR17149    Pd_GSSR17151    Pd_GSSR17378

KEGG mapping Id:map00500

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR10707    Pd_GSSR10709    Pd_GSSR17813    Pd_GSSR21934    Pd_GSSR30914

KEGG mapping Id:map00511

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR20086

KEGG mapping Id:map00513

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR63    Pd_GSSR23437

KEGG mapping Id:map00514

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1501    Pd_GSSR1528    Pd_GSSR10980    Pd_GSSR27098    Pd_GSSR11736    Pd_GSSR11737    Pd_GSSR11739    Pd_GSSR11740    Pd_GSSR11903    Pd_GSSR19879    Pd_GSSR30175    Pd_GSSR23326

KEGG mapping Id:map00520

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR4857    Pd_GSSR14378    Pd_GSSR14378    Pd_GSSR14378

KEGG mapping Id:map00524

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR548

KEGG mapping Id:map00531

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR10219    Pd_GSSR10221    Pd_GSSR26869

KEGG mapping Id:map00540

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1456    Pd_GSSR23886    Pd_GSSR24599    Pd_GSSR7225    Pd_GSSR25905    Pd_GSSR11769    Pd_GSSR14984

KEGG mapping Id:map00561

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR13618    Pd_GSSR15218    Pd_GSSR28585

KEGG mapping Id:map00562

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR396    Pd_GSSR1594    Pd_GSSR2478    Pd_GSSR7891    Pd_GSSR7892    Pd_GSSR7894    Pd_GSSR27574    Pd_GSSR12540    Pd_GSSR12542    Pd_GSSR27667    Pd_GSSR19811

KEGG mapping Id:map00564

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR22108

KEGG mapping Id:map00590

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1193

KEGG mapping Id:map00591

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR21603    Pd_GSSR21607    Pd_GSSR30782    Pd_GSSR21603    Pd_GSSR21607    Pd_GSSR30782    Pd_GSSR17267

KEGG mapping Id:map00592

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR877    Pd_GSSR880    Pd_GSSR23729    Pd_GSSR27818    Pd_GSSR15664    Pd_GSSR15665

KEGG mapping Id:map00600

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR431    Pd_GSSR432    Pd_GSSR13616    Pd_GSSR28039    Pd_GSSR20840    Pd_GSSR20842    Pd_GSSR30504    Pd_GSSR22935    Pd_GSSR22937    Pd_GSSR22944    Pd_GSSR22945    Pd_GSSR22952    Pd_GSSR22954    Pd_GSSR22958    Pd_GSSR22960    Pd_GSSR22142

KEGG mapping Id:map00620

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR690    Pd_GSSR692    Pd_GSSR5381    Pd_GSSR5384    Pd_GSSR25254    Pd_GSSR7394    Pd_GSSR10022    Pd_GSSR10858    Pd_GSSR27069    Pd_GSSR11643    Pd_GSSR11647    Pd_GSSR17841    Pd_GSSR29475    Pd_GSSR30465

KEGG mapping Id:map00630

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1673    Pd_GSSR1674    Pd_GSSR1676    Pd_GSSR23937    Pd_GSSR23938    Pd_GSSR11718    Pd_GSSR18422

KEGG mapping Id:map00640

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR11522    Pd_GSSR27297

KEGG mapping Id:map00650

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR22319    Pd_GSSR21344    Pd_GSSR21344

KEGG mapping Id:map00670

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR395    Pd_GSSR397    Pd_GSSR399

KEGG mapping Id:map00680

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR9291    Pd_GSSR9999    Pd_GSSR10547    Pd_GSSR10550    Pd_GSSR10552    Pd_GSSR10547    Pd_GSSR10550    Pd_GSSR10552

KEGG mapping Id:map00710

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1078    Pd_GSSR11443    Pd_GSSR11444    Pd_GSSR11859    Pd_GSSR27426    Pd_GSSR15177    Pd_GSSR15864    Pd_GSSR15865    Pd_GSSR15866    Pd_GSSR28780

KEGG mapping Id:map00730

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR124    Pd_GSSR29820

KEGG mapping Id:map00740

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR128    Pd_GSSR1599    Pd_GSSR1607    Pd_GSSR1608    Pd_GSSR1614    Pd_GSSR20127

KEGG mapping Id:map00760

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR25226    Pd_GSSR20448

KEGG mapping Id:map00770

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR12491

KEGG mapping Id:map00785

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR7552

KEGG mapping Id:map00790

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR26659

KEGG mapping Id:map00830

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1622    Pd_GSSR2660    Pd_GSSR10254    Pd_GSSR11252    Pd_GSSR18943    Pd_GSSR22540

KEGG mapping Id:map00860

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1114    Pd_GSSR1117    Pd_GSSR1119    Pd_GSSR1122    Pd_GSSR1124    Pd_GSSR15445    Pd_GSSR22570    Pd_GSSR22571    Pd_GSSR22570    Pd_GSSR22571

KEGG mapping Id:map00900

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1208    Pd_GSSR1209    Pd_GSSR2228

KEGG mapping Id:map00901

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR589    Pd_GSSR591    Pd_GSSR592    Pd_GSSR23616    Pd_GSSR23617

KEGG mapping Id:map00902

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR32    Pd_GSSR33    Pd_GSSR23415    Pd_GSSR11953

KEGG mapping Id:map00904

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR11193

KEGG mapping Id:map00906

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR17104    Pd_GSSR17105    Pd_GSSR17106

KEGG mapping Id:map00906

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR945

KEGG mapping Id:map00908

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR9428    Pd_GSSR9429    Pd_GSSR16876    Pd_GSSR22207

KEGG mapping Id:map00910

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR11024    Pd_GSSR30198

KEGG mapping Id:map00920

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR899    Pd_GSSR900    Pd_GSSR901    Pd_GSSR902    Pd_GSSR903    Pd_GSSR904    Pd_GSSR905    Pd_GSSR906    Pd_GSSR907    Pd_GSSR1530    Pd_GSSR1631    Pd_GSSR10155    Pd_GSSR10156    Pd_GSSR26841    Pd_GSSR11321    Pd_GSSR20581     Forest

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR9317    Pd_GSSR9318    Pd_GSSR9698    Pd_GSSR10107    Pd_GSSR10107

KEGG mapping Id:map00941

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR9036

KEGG mapping Id:map00944

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1686    Pd_GSSR1687    Pd_GSSR23941

KEGG mapping Id:map00965

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR5706    Pd_GSSR9418    Pd_GSSR9419    Pd_GSSR12475    Pd_GSSR12476    Pd_GSSR15722    Pd_GSSR20796    Pd_GSSR30483

KEGG mapping Id:map00970

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1148    Pd_GSSR1151    Pd_GSSR1156    Pd_GSSR1161    Pd_GSSR2112    Pd_GSSR24139    Pd_GSSR24140    Pd_GSSR120    Pd_GSSR18134    Pd_GSSR18776

KEGG mapping Id:map00982

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR20309    Pd_GSSR20313    Pd_GSSR20314    Pd_GSSR20319    Pd_GSSR20320    Pd_GSSR20322    Pd_GSSR15966

KEGG mapping Id:map01040

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR55    Pd_GSSR23430    Pd_GSSR23431    Pd_GSSR23432    Pd_GSSR23433    Pd_GSSR760    Pd_GSSR761    Pd_GSSR1146    Pd_GSSR1945    Pd_GSSR2557    Pd_GSSR7795    Pd_GSSR7796    Pd_GSSR26090    Pd_GSSR26091    Pd_GSSR10056    Pd_GSSR10285     Forest

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR9498    Pd_GSSR10711

KEGG mapping Id:map04070

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR2341

KEGG mapping Id:map04150

DPMMD Primers Id:Pd_GSSR1992    Pd_GSSR24074    Pd_GSSR76

KEGG mapping Id:map04660

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